Australian Puzzles & Games - Fun for Adults & Children Alike

Australian Puzzles & Games - Fun for Adults & Children Alike

Koala & Kangas Noughts and Crosses Game

For most of us puzzles and games bring back memories as children, where we tinkered and fiddled with various puzzles & games as a means of learning, entertainment, and connection with others.  Having grown up in Australia, one of the games we enjoyed playing was "noughts and crosses", which is better known in the US and Canada as tic-tac-toe.  This week we feature a Aussie customization of this game - which we call the Koala & Kangas Noughts and Crosses Game.  This game is a hoot to play with kids and serves as a fun coffee table or office talking piece.

Aussie Map 2-layer Puzzle

One of our recent discoveries is a 2-layer puzzle.  We had no idea these existed!  To make it even more fun, the Aussie Map 2-layer Puzzle we discovered has a bottom layer with coloured Australian animals - including a Koala, Cockatoo, Emu, Wallaby, Quoll, Wombat, Possum, Sugar Glider, Kookaburra, Kangaroo, Echidna, Gecko, Goanna, Platypus, Bush Rat, & Rainbow Lorikeet.  (whew!)  And the top layer is a little easier to put together, with each of the Australian states.  These are great educational and conversational pieces - for adults & children alike.

Aussie Stress Relief Puzzle

A theme with puzzles & games is a distraction from day-to-day stress. Our discovery of the Aussie Stress Relief Puzzle has provided that distraction, with an escape to the world of kangaroos, koalas, anteaters, and more.  

We all know that with puzzles, eventually you master them and are ready for something new.  So the more variety the better!  We've got even more puzzles on the way - with an Australian Alphabet game, and a Australian Animal-themed memory game.  All of our games are from sustainable Australian timber, and are designed & made in Australia.  Order a puzzle or two as gifts for a young 'un - and give them a taste of Australia.

'til next time,

Steve & the family @ Australia Originals.